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Subscription services include: 

  • Providing of a telephonic contact centre service – both inbound and outbound.
  • Responding to all written and telephonic subscription enquiries.
  • Offering of an after-hours “call me back” service.
  • Sending out of renewal letters via email and post, as well as telephonic reminders.
  • Mailing of magazine subscription copies - both locally and worldwide.
  • Providing the facility of an online shopping cart; where electronic payments for subscriptions are accepted.
  • Providing of a dedicated email address, fax number and SMS number for subscription enquiries.
  • Providing various payments (credit card, monthly debit orders and direct deposits) on behalf of the publisher.
  • Providing of monthly reports detailing subscription movements, feedback from subscribers, source effectiveness, renewal percentages and many other important statistics that are helpful in taking action to increasing subscriptions.
  • Providing a full ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations) audit trail.
  • The ability to send out mass communications (email or SMS) to subscribers.
  • Bagging of labelling of magazines if required.
  • The ability to accommodate promotional inserts into subscription magazine copies.
  • Address verification via the South African Post Office twice a year to eliminate invalid addresses.